Rye Porridge Sourdough Bread 2 Pounds


A new sister bread to our popular Oat Porridge Sourdough Bread, this rye porridge version has a light rye flavor like a deli loaf with the same custardy interior of our original porridge bread.
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Our Oat Porridge Sourdough Bread has proven to be in a category of its own with our regulars. We have folks who order two loaves a week without fail each week, because it’s become such a staple part of their day.

What makes our porridge breads so unique is that by adding cooked, rolled grains, we dramatically increase the moisture in each bread. Paired with the longevity-increasing qualities of sourdough, this means your bread starts soft and stays soft until your next load a week later.

Fun fact: When I took the photo of this bread you see above, the loaf was actually about four days old, and hadn’t been sliced fresh since two days back. But when I touched the edge that had been sliced, it was still so pillow-y soft that I left a mark in the dough-y part!

We’re introducing this rye bread as a sister to our oat porridge to offer a porridge bread with a bit more oomph.

One of the things that I love about our oat bread is that it is so smooth and silky it’s the perfect vehicle for jam—in part because it doesn’t have a strong flavor of its own to keep you from tasting the fruit. This rye version is for when you want that super soft bread to hold its own against a filling like locally smoked fish or pate or that cool new vegan blue cheese you found.

Ingredients: Sifted Glenn wheat flour from Oechsner Farms, water, levain, Shiloh Farms rye flakes, Amagansett Sea Salt salt.