Hudson Valley Treats Signature Granolas

Made with the best ingredients from NY State farms

Kingston 1669


When first workshopping the idea for Hudson Valley Treats–before entirely committing to New York ingredients–I dug deeply into the historic food of the Hudson Valley, both pre- and post-Columbus. Our area is not only naturally blessed, but the settlers who came here largely arrived with ample farming supplies to broaden their food options. This spice-forward granola blends the oats and cherries of the early Dutch settlers, the spices brought in by seafaring traders, and the blueberries, sunflowers, and maple syrup native to America that sustained the local Lenape for centuries.

Seasonal Jam


These extremely limited edition granolas--available to our Breakfast Club and then online until supplies run out--feature our signature jams to provide a serious burst of flavor in your breakfast bowl or for an afternoon snack. Look out for Honey Lavender Apricot, Chocolate Chili Cherry, Salted Peach Brown Sugar and more.

Everyday Granola

Breakfast Bar

When we say everyday granola breakfast bar here, we mean that we (and anyone else who we know who has gotten a hold of them) eats these bars for breakfast every day. Our granola bars are a meal unto themselves–but without the preservatives you’d find in a packaged version. NY-grown oats mix in with sunbutter, sweet-sour cherries, roasted buckwheat, and vegan chocolate for a protein- and antioxidant-filled flavor bomb that will fill you up and keep you going.

Seasonal Jam

and Oat Bar

If you like your granola bars on the soft and sweet side, this little beauty is for you. Featuring a rotating selection of seasonal jams (we’re on spring rhubarb right now, but will move into maple blueberry, honey raspberry, and rosemary apricot flavors soon!), these oat and jam bars work for dessert, a sweet snack, or a decadent, but filling breakfast.

Smoked Orange

Tomato Savory Granola

As you’ll see if you check out any of our jams, Marisa McClellan of the website Food in Jars is a huge inspiration for us not only in the canning department, but also in terms of general culinary creativity. This savory granola–yes, you read that right! this is not meant for yogurt and maple syrup, folks–is an absolute revelation from her most recent book, The Food in Jars Kitchen. This granola adds texture to your soups and salads, provides the perfect crumble on a gratin or mac’n’cheese, and yearns to be sprinkled atop any dip you’re planning to serve with any kind of chip. Gluten-free and vegan, made with Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils sunflower oil, Gianforte Farm oats, and pepitas and butternut squash seeds from Stony Brook WholeHeartedFoods, this savory granola is here to change your (lunch and dinner eating) life.

Ready When You Need It

Granola without the grocery trips

If you easily polish off a bag of granola or two each week in your househould, don't worry about firing up the oven. We've got you covered with freshly-made granola each week in our breakfast club delivery option that brings everything you need for breakfast for the week ahead right to your door.