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Hudson Valley Vegan and Gluten-Free Cakes

Made with the best ingredients from NY State farms

Chocolate Shrub


Whenever we need a cake for guests in a hurry, we whip out a version of this cake. It’s deeply chocolatey—but with only cacao powder rather than chocolate, so you’re not hit with a ton of calories—and naturally vegan thanks for rising action provided by the combination of vinegar and baking soda. In our Hudson Valley Treats version, we use flavored drinking vinegars from The Hudson Standard that feature local fruit in an apple cider vinegar base. There are times when you just need a simple slice of chocolate cake. Nothing fancy—no frosting or chocolate chips—you don’t want to feel too glutenous! It’s just time for a treat. Currently, we’re crafting this cake around the cassis berry shrub from The Hudson Standard, which is their classic flavor, but as they roll out seasonal flavors (we’re experimenting with strawberry rhubarb right now!), we’ll change the drinking vinegar component of the cake to suit the season. Previous shrubs from The Hudson Standard throughout the season have included Raspberry Verbena, Three Pines, Pear Honey Ginger, Peach Lavender, and Apple Coriander Maple.

Buckwheat Chiffon

Cake with Seasonal Honey Syrup

This may be the most luxurious gluten-free cake we’ve ever eaten. In part, it’s taste comes from the fact that there are no real substations here. This chiffon cake uses buckwheat for a lightly nutty flavor whipped with flax seeds cooked in a way that mimics the structure of egg whites. From the “egg,” the cake takes on its airy structure. Each week, we change up the honey with this cake, sometimes focusing in on a specific type of honey, such as delicate orange blossom or rich, dark buckwheat honey. Other weeks, we infuse the honey with our own flowers, such as lilac and cherry blossoms in the spring and lavender and rose flowers in the summer.

Honey Bomb


When we say “bomb,” we aren’t talking those paleo fat bombs that hit you over the head with calories. Our Honey Bombs are based on a Scandinavian recipe from one of our favorite baking experts, Trine Hahnemann. We’ve subbed the flour in with our house cake mix of oat, buckwheat, and sunflower seed flower and incorporated local honey and warming spices for a gingerbread-style cake you can enjoy any time of the year. We always find it a shame to restrict gingerbread to one time of year, just as its too good to stick to one shape or one name. This year-round cake comes by the slice or in a mini-bundt or Gugelhupf pan reminiscent of the holidays and another beloved southern German cake. As with all our cakes, this one is 100% gluten-free and uses a special mix of freshly-milled, New York-grown buckwheat, oat, and sunflower seed flour.

Seasonal Fruit

Pound Cake

Our 100% vegan and gluten-free season pound cake has been a stand-out favorite among our taste-testers (especially those who aren’t even vegan or gluten-free!) for its texture and flavor. We’ve adapted a classic French-style butter almond cake with vegan butter and the sensational butternut squash seed oil from Stony Brook WholeHeartedFoods with pumpkin seed flours for the pound cake base. What is butternut squash seed oil? In short, it’s a revelation. As Stony Brook WholeHeartedFoods explains, it’s a “local alternative to European olive oil” with a flavor profile that has a “warm, buttery, nutty taste reminiscent of cashew or peanut.” While our own farm is small and primarily focused on vegetables, we do grow a small amount of rhubarb, jostaberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and some other fruits and edible flowers. Each week, we look to see what is fresh and incorporate it in the pound cake of the week. Stay tuned for each week’s flavor.


Cake emergencies happen.

Whether you just need to treat yourself or you've got a whole socially-distanced backyard party to feed, we've got you covered. We can ship full trays of cake and brownies overnight upon request, and you can buy individual portions for farmers' market pick-up, local delivery, or shipping within New York State.