Hudson Valley Treats Signature Sourdough Breads

Made with the best ingredients from NY State farms


100% Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread

To create a 100% whole-grain bread that looked like those Instagramable Tartine loaves, we experimented with heirloom wheat grains from many small farms and, this winter, began milling our own flour just before mixing the bread to make sure the best nutrients remain intact. New York State-grown wheat is ground fresh just before mixing the dough of this unique sourdough bread. Full of flavor, nutrients, and texture, it keeps well for up to a week with proper storage.


Einkorn Sourdough Bread

Einkorn, one of the oldest known kinds of wheat with a known history of domestication going on for around 10,000 years, is making a comeback today because of the flavor it brings to the party which mimicking a white flour. This bread is the bread we make most often at home. It’s not just a compromise, it’s one of those solid favorites that never lets you down. In our einkorn bread, we blend freshly-ground whole grain einkorn flour with freshly-ground wheat (typically hard red winter, often Glenn), and a bit of sifted bread flour into a reliable, everyday, camera-ready loaf.

Seeded Scandi-Style

Rye Sourdough

Our take on Scandanavian seeded rye starts with New York State-grown Danko rye from Oechsner Farms that takes a long time to get cozy with its sourdough starter to develop a complex flavor that we heighten with ground and whole-seed flax, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Perfect for sandwiches, whether open-faced in the Scandanavian style or however you please. The sturdy bread can hold more than its fair share of toppings. But it also shines in a sweet context, adding complexity to toast with jam or something more decadent like dulce de leche or chocolate-hazelnut spread.

100% Whole-Grain

Low-Gluten Sourdough Sandwich Bread

We grind all of the flour for these 100% whole-wheat breads just before we begin to mix the dough, so the nutrients are locked in. This “single-origin” bread comes from a low-gluten flour grown by Thor Oechsner. This is not your hippie aunt’s whole wheat sandwich bread. There’s no instant or active yeast here–just good old-fashioned sourdough, lots of rest, and freshly-ground wheat from a farmer who truly cares about how each of his grains taste. One of our favorite things about this bread is that grinding the wheat fresh allows it to stay soft all week long for sandwiches and morning toast. I rarely need to toast mine though–even the last slice.


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