Seeded Scandi-Style Rye Sourdough Bread



Our take on Scandanavian seeded rye starts with New York State-grown Danko rye from Oechsner Farms that takes a long time to get cozy with its sourdough starter to develop a complex flavor that we heighten with ground and whole-seed flax, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

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There is a famous, but delightfully unassuming, bakery in Stockholm called Vete Katten. The name means “wheat cat,” and one of the walls has a series of cartoons of this cat on a detective hunt to find missing bread.

Throughout the bakery, each room changes the scene entirely. One light-filled entry hall feels like a spacious version of the French bakery of our collective imaginations, with golden rails dividing up the line as it snakes past the pastry case so you can use the wait to decide which of the 27 cakes or 12 pastries on display that day is for you.

Continuing deeper down the rabbit hole past the first room, however, each consecutive room unfolds with something like an unexpected peek into someone’s parlor. And I mean parlor–dowlies included. Tiny rooms with just enough room for one party sport masterful frescoes, while the hallways are lined with carts of heirloom-looking tea cups to refill at the adjacent coffee urns.

The Alice-in-Wonderland trip culminates in a private garden hidden away entirely from any of the surrounding streets where you can enjoy your coffee and cake and feel like your are in another time, place, and universe.

Despite all of the fabulousness that is this bakery, when I am visiting town, I often go just to stock up on loaves of their seeded bread.

It is my dream bread.

Perfect for sandwiches, whether open-faced in the Scandanavian style or however you please. The sturdy bread can hold more than its fair share of toppings. But it also shines in a sweet context, adding complexity to toast with jam or something more decadent like dulce de leche or chocolate-hazelnut spread.

This bread has taken us years (of Swedish loaves smuggled through customs) to replicate, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Ingredients: Danko rye berries from Oechsner Farms, water, freshly-milled danko rye from Oechsner Farms, Oechsner Farms Glenn bread flour, natural levain, Golden Valley flax seeds, Stony Brook WholeHearted Farms pumpkin seeds, Amagansett Sea Salt.



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