Large 100% Whole Wheat Tartine-Style Sourdough Bread 2.5 Pounds


New York State-grown wheat is ground fresh just before mixing the dough of this unique sourdough bread. Full of flavor, nutrients, and texture, it keeps well for up to a week with proper storage.

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This is for the large 2.5 lbs loaf of our 100% Whole Wheat Tartine-Style Sourdough Bread.

When it comes to bread, our original inspiration for huge, dreamy loaves with incredible rise and flavor is the California bakery Tartine, from near where I grew up.

However, we’re not the hugest fans of anything made entirely out of white flour that has been stripped of so many nutritious parts of the wheat kernel.

To create a 100% whole-grain bread that looked like those Instagramable Tartine loaves, we experimented with heirloom wheat grains from many small farms and, this winter, began milling our own flour just before mixing the bread to make sure the best nutrients remain intact.

Ingredients: Freshly-milled Glenn wheat from Oechsner Farms, water, natural levain, Amagansett Sea Salt.