Small Tartine-Style Einkorn Sourdough Bread 1.5 Pound


In our einkorn bread, we blend freshly-ground whole grain einkorn flour with freshly-ground wheat (typically hard red winter, often Glenn), and a bit of sifted bread flour into a reliable, everyday, camera-ready loaf.

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This is for the small, 1.9 lbs, loaf of our Tartine-Style Einkorn Sourdough Bread.

In our house, there’s always a debate about how much whole wheat to put in the bread. One baker goes for the rich flavor of whole wheat, while the other craves the open, spacious crumb and spectacular open spring (the fancy sourdough bakers’ name for the rise bread gets in the oven even after rising for hours due to sourdough fermentation.

Einkorn, one of the oldest known kinds of wheat with a known history of domestication going on for around 10,000 years, is making a comeback today because of the flavor it brings to the party which mimicking a white flour.

This bread is the bread we make most often at home. It’s not just a compromise, it’s one of those solid favorites that never lets you down.

We think of 100% whole wheat bread of something like a wine from a specific terroir–with just the one grape, often from a single hill, you’re honing in one a very specific and concentrated flavor that shines without other competition.

Ingredients: Freshly-milled Glenn wheat from Oechsner Farms, freshly-milled einkorn from Oechsner Farms, water, natural levain, Amagansett Sea Salt.


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