Warming Cold Season Tea



We could all use a good immunity boost any time of year these days, honestly, so we’re offering our local-focused take on the traditional “cold“ season year-round.

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This tea combines three things that grow excellently in our area and all have long been heralded for their medicinal benefits, but originally evolved around the world.

Tulsi basil from India features heavily in Ayurvedic settings, but flourishes in our summer weather. Echinacea is a native North American plant, but Traditional Chinese Medicine has long heralded it for reducing inflammation. Ginger, which savvy farmers in the Hudson Valley make work in our climate by harvesting the young, first year’s roots, first appeared in our area with the first European colonists, who used it extensively in baking. It is now beloved all over the world for its fiery taste, but originated in Southeast Asia.

Ingredients: Tweefontein Herb Farm dried ginger root, Healing Spirits Herb Farm dried tulsi basil leaves, Tweefontein Herb Farm dried echinacea roots, leaves, and flower petals.

Allergen warning: We do process wheat/rye/spelt flour on-site, both milling and baking breads, so if you have an anaphylaxic issue with gluten or something where very trace amounts of wheat/spelt/rye could cause you issues, we would not recommend any of our products. 


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