Sourdough Rye Brownies


Put simply, these may be the richest, most deeply flavored brownies you’ve ever had. While some brownies drown you in chocolate, by using rye flour put through a sourdough process, these brownies are hauntingly complex and cravable.

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Sourdough and brownie? Probably not two things you’d expect to hear in the same sentence, right?

These brownies come directly from a recipe put out by an innovative London bakery, Margot, in the founder’s book, Modern Sourdough.

We’ve veganized the recipe entirely, down to the sugar and the chocolate, to make a decadent treat that is guilt-free…depending on your position on high-quality, high cocoa-content chocolate of course!

Ingredients: Pascha organic chocolate (organic cocoa mass, organic sugar, organic cocao butter), Oechsner Farms Danko rye flour, Miyoko’s vegan butter (organic coconut oil, organic cultured cashew milk (filtered water, organic cashews, cultures), filtered water, organic sunflower oil, organic sunflower lecithin, organic cultured dextrose, natural flavors), Billington’s dark Muscovado sugar, roasted cocoa powder, Golden Valley Flax flax seeds, levain, baking soda, Amagansett Sea Salt sea salt.

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