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When we say “bomb,” we aren’t talking those paleo fat bombs that hit you over the head with calories. Our Honey Bombs are based on a Scandinavian recipe from one of our favorite baking experts, Trine Hahnemann. We’ve subbed the flour in with our house cake mix of oat, buckwheat, and sunflower seed flower and incorporated local honey and warming spices for a gingerbread-style cake you can enjoy any time of the year.

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Allergen warning: We do process wheat/rye/spelt flour on-site, both milling and baking breads, so if you have an anaphylaxic issue with gluten or something where very trace amounts of wheat/spelt/rye could cause you issues, we would not recommend any of our products.

Please note: This product is dairy-free, but contains honey, so it is not appropriate our vegan customers.

When we first met, we happened to both have taken German in school and one of our first trips together was a week-long binge of Christmas markets around Germany.

There are some Weinachtsmarkt treats that change from place to place based on regional history and ingredients, but one thing remains the same, whether you check out the festivities in Milwaukee or Munich: gingerbread.

It can go by many names and forms: soft, molasses-y cakes or hard cookies fit for building gingerbread houses out of. Soft, small, round Pfeffernuesse cookies come coated with chocolate, powdered sugar or a simple glaze.

We always find it a shame to restrict gingerbread to one time of year, just as its too good to stick to one shape or one name. This year-round cake comes by the slice or in a mini-bundt or Gugelhupf pan reminiscent of the holidays and another beloved southern German cake. As with all our cakes, this one is 100% vegan and gluten-free and uses a special mix of freshly-milled, New York-grown buckwheat, oat, and sunflower seed flour.

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