Sunbutter Sandwich Cookies (6)


In this gluten-, dairy-, egg-, and nut-free taste on the classic peanut butter treat, we meld sunbutter from New York roasted Once Again with freshly ground sunflower seed flower to create your new favorite sandwich cookie.

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Allergen warning: We do process wheat/rye/spelt flour on-site, both milling and baking breads, so if you have an anaphylaxic issue with gluten or something where very trace amounts of wheat/spelt/rye could cause you issues, we would not recommend any of our products.

Sunflowers are the lesser-known fourth sister of the Native American three sisters farming practice in which beans grow up corn stalks while squash fan out to keep weeds at bay.

Sunflower plants would often take the place of corn in this layout, and we utilize this quick-growing, highly nutritious plant in our treats wherever we can.

We love to nibble on these cookies on their own. They’re not too sweet, so they’re perfect when you just need a little something after a meal or on a coffee break.

One of the reasons we keep the sweetness down though was to give you the latitude to go crazy with the fillings! Pair it with one of our jams (I highly recommend a spicy cherry chocolate here, or honey lavender apricot if you want to keep it light) or your favorite chocolate spread!

You can even go really nutty and slather on a layer of nut butter for a really protein-packed treat!

Ingredients: Gluten-free oats, Shiloh Farms sunflower seeds, Billington’s dark Muscovado sugar, Miyoko’s vegan butter (organic coconut oil, organic cultured cashew milk (filtered water, organic cashews, cultures), filtered water, organic sunflower oil, organic sunflower lecithin, organic cultured dextrose, natural flavors), Once Again organic sunflower butter (organic sunflower seeds, organic sunflower oil), baking powder.

This contains multiple servings of this product.