Smoky Sea Salt and Herb Popcorn


Our flagship popcorn for healthier snacking packs a lot of flavor in an unexpected place—the sea salt. For our popcorns, granolas, breads, and treats, we use Amagansett Sea Salt, handmade on the shores of Long Island. In our Smokey Sea Salt and Herb Popcorn, their dill and fennel sea salt brings a special flavor and brightness to popcorn that you didn’t realize you were missing.

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Allergen warning: We do process wheat/rye/spelt flour on-site, both milling and baking breads, so if you have an anaphylaxic issue with gluten or something where very trace amounts of wheat/spelt/rye could cause you issues, we would not recommend any of our products. 

Ingredients:  Wagner Farm popcorn, Sweet Maresa’s vegan butter (organic coconut oil, organic coconut milk, organic safflower oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic salt, organic soy lecithin),  Amagansett Sea Salt dill and fennel sea salt, smoked paprika.