“Nutty” Caramel Apple Granola



We’re putting that fall festival favorite—caramel apples—in your breakfast bowl with a highly local and significantly healthy update. Skipping imported nuts, we use New York-grown butternut squash pepitas and roasted buckwheat groats for a nutty flavor and satisfying crunch while keeping your granola gluten-free and sub the refined sugar caramel for rich buckwheat honey, adding a deep caramel taste without heavily processed ingredients.

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Please note: This product contains honey, so it is not appropriate for our vegan customers.

Allergen warning: We do process wheat/rye/spelt flour on-site, both milling and baking breads, so if you have an anaphylaxic issue with gluten or something where very trace amounts of wheat/spelt/rye could cause you issues, we would not recommend any of our products. 

This very cool take on the fall festival favorite, caramel apples, highlights an organic farmer’s secret weapon: buckwheat. Not a wheat–it’s actually related to rhubard–buckwheat is used by organic farmers as a crop rotation tool to cut down on weeds, as it has the ability to permanently beat back pesky invaders through regular plantings.

As buckwheat is not been the most popular grain in America, many farmers don’t even let their buckwheat grow to full size, instead using it as “green manure,” which means they plow it back into the soil to serve as mulch rather than harvesting it.

In other countries, particularly eastern Europe and Japan, buckwheat is an incredibly popular food stuff. In Japan, in addition to being the base of soba noodles, the hulls are also used to stuff pillows that have a six-month waiting list, because they are said to be the key to deep and restful sleep!

We highlight buckwheat in three ways in this new granola:

1. We replace the maple syrup we typically use in our granola base with buckwheat honey, a very rich and dark honey full of nutrients and minerals that has a distinctly caramel taste.
2. We swap out half of the oats in our granola with whole hulled buckwheat to change the texture and the taste of the granola into something more nutty–like the coating on a caramel apple.
3. After baking the granola, we add another handful of dry roasted buckwheat that hasn’t been coated with honey and applesauce back into the mix for more nutty crunch.

Ingredients: Gluten-free oats, Birkett Mills organic buckwheat groats, Singer Naturals dried apples, Russell Maple Farm buckwheat honey, Hudson Valley Cold-Pressed Oils sunflower oil, housemade apple sauce (Sauderskill Farms apples, lemon juice), Birkett Mills organic roasted buckwheat groats, Stony Brook WholeHeartedFoods butternut pepitas, Amagansett Sea Salt sea salt, cinnamon.