CSA Fruit Share Add-On


With our add-on fruit share, receive a sweet surprise each week of two portions of fruit from whatever we are jamming that week.



Fruit from our fruit share will come from our partner farms throughout the season, starting with strawberries and blueberries in late June and July, moving through cherries, apricots, plums, and other stone fruits in the summer, into grapes and apples in the fall.

In the case of berries, each fruit portion will be one box of berries. In the case of stone fruits, you’ll receive one bag with an appropriate number of pounds of fruit to one quart box.

Some weeks, if there is a slow in the fruit coming in to be jammed from our partner farms, you may receive one of our naturally-sweetened jams or other fruit that we can in lieu of whole fruit.

**Please note that this add-on is only available to members of our vegetable CSA and is not available as a stand-alone purchase.**