CSA Bread Add-On


Add on a bread share to your vegetable CSA for $150 for the 20-week season, and receive one freshly-baked sourdough sandwich bread each week.



Receive one freshly-baked sourdough sandwich bread each week with each add-on to your vegetable CSA!

If you know you have a family that usually needs two loaves (or three) per week, add the bread add-on to your cart more than once to receive several loaves automatically each week at this heavily discounted price (25% off as our thanks for paying in advance for the season).

You will receive either a whole-grain or sifted bread each week from our menu of rotating New York-grown freshly-milled whole grain and French-style sifted breads.

**Please note that this is not a separate bread CSA, but an add-on to our vegetable CSA. It cannot be purchased except by members of our vegetable CSA.**